Meetup for Marketing
with Emily Blankenship

Thursday, 13 Oct 2016, 11:30AM

Hall of Ideas E
Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center

Lean in a flash how you can use to connect with cause-based groups, promote events, and discover new community partners. Within 30 minutes, you'll learn from a highly successful Meetup user how you and your nonprofit can use the tool and service to further your success.

Session Details

Detailed Description

Just an FYI, I don’t work for Meetup, but I have had so much success working with Meetup groups with various organizations…it’s a free and effective tool that I think should be included in an organization’s social media strategy. While much of my content is based on personal experiences, my presentation will also include researched demographic information and an interactive walk-through of the site. As nonprofit professionals… especially programming staff, especially at small organizations… we often wear many hats. We do the event planning, marketing, fundraising, and whatever else needs to be done! is a tool that can make our lives a little easier, but like any successful engagement initiative, requires some thought and time. What is What kind of groups are there? What type of people use it and why do they use it? - Meetup is a unique online community, because it’s a largescale web-based international platform that breaks down into local groups that meet in person, making it an excellent tool for local and small orgs. - Cause-related groups, volunteer groups, social groups, activity groups, education, outdoor clubs Using (best practices/tips) - How meetup reflects the unique way users (millennials) engage/network. - Examples: Event Promotion, Sponsorship, Networking, Volunteer/Employee Recruitment or Engagement, Chapter Organization - Membership Fees/Ticket Sales on - Using “Volunteer” meetups to combat the challenges of managing episodic volunteers. - How to interact with meetup groups, and keep them coming back. - Challenges and considerations Examples: - My personal experiences using Meetup with HI USA and ITVS - Examples of each of the suggested ways to use Meetup


Overall, I hope that people will take away an understanding that while there are web based tools that can connect them to supporters, especially millennials, successful engagement requires more than just posting content somewhere. Specifically to, the session should inspire them to think how they would potentially implement these ideas for their specific organization. The session should convince them that there is value in time spent building a presence on, and it could be considered part of an organization’s marketing or engagement strategy. On a personal level, attendees may be

Target Audience

Beginners / New Professionals, Program Staff / Volunteers, Small Organizations

Presenters / Panelists