Shifting Stories
with Lisa Dugdale

Thursday, 13 Oct 2016, 06:15PM

Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center

The stories we tell ourselves about how the world works can bring us joy and ease, or they can make us suffer. Shifting the stories we tell can help our organizations thrive and our lives serve a greater purpose. Learn how to identify what stories and thoughts aren't serving you, and practice techniques for shifting them.

Session Details

Detailed Description

This workshop will help you understand how to uncover the hidden thoughts that can cause you to suffer, and learn how to shift them. For instance, have you ever said: “There aren’t many large donors/Foundations who want to give money to organizations like ours,” or “We can’t seem to attract committed Board members,” or “I shouldn’t have to ask my boss/partner/colleague to help out,” or “I never have time for myself.” If these thoughts are making you happy and productive, then that’s great – they are working for you. But if they are causing you to be unhappy, then this workshop will give you techniques shift them to thoughts that bring more ease into your work and life.


An understanding of how our thoughts impact the way we interpret events, and can limit what we think is possible for ourselves and our organizations. Techniques for learning to shift these thoughts to ones that help us do our work more effectively.

Target Audience

Directors / Managers, Leaders / Activists, Small Organizations

Handouts & Resources

File and resources provided by the presenter.

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