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Organizational Capacity

06:15 PM at (Length: 60 Minutes)

The session will start with an overview of organizational capacity and what it entails. This will be kept lively with examples that illustrate how organizational capacity directly affects program success. Audience members will also be encouraged to share examples. Attendees will then break into small groups. Members of each group will be asked to describe capacity-related challenges that their organizations have faced, the impact of those challenges, and how they were resolved. This will be a chance for attendees to learn from each other, and may help attendees to recognize issues in their own organizations. A designated “note-taker” from each small group will report back to the full group. There will then be a discussion of capacity development approaches. Presenter will identify some potential approaches to capacity development (including distance learning opportunities, local courses, etc), and attendees will be asked to volunteer approaches they have used successfully. Emphasis will be on identifying creative approaches for developing organizational capacity with limited resources.




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