Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert

Your Questions Answered, Maybe…

Exhibit Hall, Monona Terrace
1 John Nolen Drive
Madison, WI 53703

Tuesday, 29 Oct 2013, 09:00AM

Everyone has those, "in the back of mind" questions. You know, the "…if I knew a lawyer, accountant, fill-in the professional, I'd ask?" Well, we've got an array of professionals, willing to sit at a table for periods of 30 minutes to an hour each, just to answer those questions for you. From improving your resume to keeping in good standing with the IRS, you can ask one of our experts a question or two through-out the day. A schedule of the expert line-up will be posted in the exhibit hall.

Note: Please understand, that not every question can be answered completely within a 5-15 minute session. So, be courteous— if your question is lengthy, focus it; if there is a line, please limit your time to no more than 10 minutes. The point is to get you started in the right direction, not to provide a complete, custom response, specific for you. So focus your question, as much as possible, and ask for a business card to follow-up.

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