The Changing Face of Nonprofits: A Radio Roundtable

The Changing Face of Nonprofits: A Radio Roundtable

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Monday, 7 Oct 2013, 08:00PM

The worlds changing, cities are changing, people are changing. Where do nonprofits fit in the changing world dynamics? Nonprofits affect the way we live, work, and play. Madison is a vibrant community, undergoing a dynamic realignment. As a region, we are striving to become a more creative and innovative community — a place for innovation, this conversation hopes to explore the ways nonprofit can fit, contribute, and enhance that vision.

Many nonprofits wonder where they fit. Join Michael Fenchel of 100State; Victoria Budynsky of Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN), John Keckhaver, of the Wisconsin Nonprofits Association (WNA), Eric Howland of DaneNet, Niko Skievaski of 100State, myself and others as we discuss 'The Changing Face of Nonprofits'.

After the Program: Audio & Resources

We had a great time and a great conversation last, Monday, 7 October. We hope you were able to listen. If not, we hope to provide the audio file here for you, within the next few days, but until then, you can access it directly from WORTVisit the WORT 89.9FM Archives and look for the October 7, Access Hour. Between call-ins, the Google Hangout, and On the Air, we touched on a variety of topics. Below are some of the resources that were mentioned or links to research where you can learn more.

Resources & Research

Blended Nonprofits
The conversation around how do nonprofits stay relevant in the rapidly changing world, generated discussion around how corporations are becoming more social responsible (some) and nonprofits becoming more entreprising. That there is this new generation of nonprofits that are mobile, agile, transparent, willing and actively taking advantage of new technology, courting and engaging the next generation of leaders, and actively participating in their communities. 

Next Generation Leaders
The conversation on blended nonprofits and the changing world that requires more creativity and innovation to navigate, also lead to the conversation about the next generation of leaders. The next generation of leaders aren't specifically concern if engaging in what they are passionate about is for pay or volunteer work. They consider it work, and approach it with the same level of professionalism. They want to have purpose and passion, a reason for their work, regardless if that's with a for-profit, a nonprofit, or their own projects.

A call in question from a listener, took the conversation down the road of funding issues. The question was on 'how are nonprofits funded' and generated a brief conversation on the many different ways various nonprofits are funded—from donations, to grants, to fees for services, membership dues and more.

The funding conversation was talked about more extensively by the Google Hangout participants, and the fascination with the growing proliferation of Crowd-Funding or Crowdsource Funding was debated. A few of the large players in that arena are listed below.

Online Donations and the ability to accept donations online is also a rapidly growing component for nonprofits in the changing world. This, also, occasionally includes the ability to handle, micro-donations, larger amounts of smaller donations ($5 to $250), versus smaller amounts of large donations ($500 to $5,000). Here are some vendors making it easy to accept online and mobile donations.

Volunteering / Gamification
The gamification of volunteerism came from a Google Hangout question on whether or not badges are making their way into the nonprofit eco-system. The conversation could have extended far beyond, volunteering and debated the use of badges in education and community outreach efforts. But mostly, we focused in on how gamification offers an opportunity for volunteers to share and promote the causes they are committed to, but aren't the reason for their commitment.

Presenter Organizations
This radio show came around fairly rapidly. Madison Nonprofit Day was hoping to get a date, say the 21 October 2013, to discusss nonprofits, but the 21 Oct was taken and the 7 Oct had just had a cancellation. So with barely two weeks lead, we sent out invites to a number of individuals representing different types of nonprofit organizations. With the close date, we weren't expecting such a great response, so we have to whole-hearted thank the below organizations, and the individuals who represented them for the show. Thank you, so very much.


Handouts & Resources


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