Ben Seigel

Principal, Versa Studio

Ben Seigel

Ben Seigel is the principal of Versa Studio, a Madison web design, development and branding firm. Ben began his career in the cubicle labyrinth of Thomson/West, a legal publishing company in the sprawling enclave of Eagan, MN. There he honed his Photoshop and Dreamweaver abilities, flirted awkwardly with interns not under his supervision, and championed the placement of Rush lyrics on law firm web sites in place of lorem ipsum, until this was sadly banned due to a client with poor understanding of web sites and weak sense of humor ("What's all this junk about 'the limelight' on my internet web page?!"). 

Returning to Madison, Ben spent four years at UW Extension, learning the ancient language known as ColdFusion and the very web-inappropriate Access 97 database, creating an Online Counseling system, and relishing the nearby food carts on Library Mall. 

After taking a much needed two week respite in Tokyo, Ben resumed his merrymaking at WEA Trust Insurance, where for over two long years he worked with Very Nice People who were Very Hesitant to allow him to actually do his job. Stymied by The Man and exhausted from working with ancient technology (I'm looking at you, Lotus Domino), Ben founded Versa Studio to provide smart, effective web sites for small business and nonprofit clients. Versa's clients include Waisman Biomanufacturing, Midwest Horse Fair and Leslie The Realtor. 

During this whirlwind of moderate activity, Ben also found time to record an album of sophisticated pop, wrestle on his lawn with children of varying size and strength, design t-shirts too clever for their own good, and run the Madison Web Design & Development Meetup.