Dennis Deery

Owner, Irish Rose Consulting

Dennis Deery

Dennis Deery is the owner of Irish Rose Consulting, a technology consulting firm located in Menomonie, WI. For the past 20 years he has worked with industry, non-profits, government agencies and community development organizations to help them effectively use technology to improve organizational effectiveness.

He has implemented technology solutions that count cucumbers and blocks of cheese, web sites that manage fantasy football leagues, and even some serious systems, including one that helped planes avoid colliding. Dennis regularly speaks to international audiences on the joy and wonder of technology.

He specializes in helping users to understand how technology can improve their lives, or barring that helps people to feel better about not understanding technology by blaming the geeks. He hopes to bring a wry sense of humor to his talks to keep audiences awake, but he certainly understands if you’ve had a late night and need a nap.