Jody Jacobson, PhD

Owner, Jody Jacobson & Company LLC

Jody Jacobson, PhD

For more than twenty-five years, Jody has been helping leaders create and sustain change in technology, education, healthcare, and non-profit settings. Clients especially value Jody’s positive, solution-focused approach and her ability to rise above surface complexities to quickly assess and address the outcomes that matter most.

Jody is passionate about helping her clients identify, solve, and prevent growth-limiting problems so they can spend more time and energy focusing on their most important goals. Her fast-acting approaches are the antidote to “siloed” thinking, lack of shared vision, and analysis paralysis. Jody is an internationally recognized expert on Organizational AAD (Accidental Adversaries Dynamics)—when groups that should collaborate instead sabotage each other, block change, and limit growth.

Before starting her own consulting business, Jody led internal startup initiatives working in diverse industry settings. Her roles as a linchpin have included executive, IT and knowledge manager, trusted advisor, and consultant. She completed her doctorate in organizational change dynamics at Tilburg University in The Netherlands. Jody lives in Madison with her husband Ed.