Kay-Tee Franke

President, Engaging Results Communications

Kay-Tee Franke

Kay-Tee Franke, a graduate of Madison College, is an entrepreneur and marketing innovator. Franke began her career in non-profit, which then lead to sales and management roles for various media groups. During her tenure in traditional media, Franke successfully created non-traditional revenue programs and managed their development in multiple television markets, earning the programs prestigious recognition by the National Association of Broadcasters. Starting her business, Engaging Results Communications (ERC), in 2010 was the start of her career as an Entrepreneur.

As current President of ERC, Franke’s staff develops mobile marketing products while using a full service approach. It provides technology and services that allow businesses to conduct permission based communication and reach their audiences anytime, anywhere. Franke’s experience in thought leadership is influenced by her civic responsibilities. She is known to communicate clearly and diplomatically while connecting people to resources.

Currently, she is President of Dane Buy Local, President-elect of REACH-a-Child, and Past President of Professional Development Council of WI. She is a member of Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs and Downtown Milwaukee Professional Networking. Additionally, Franke serves on the Board of Directors for Visit South Madison and March of Dimes Western Wisconsin. Franke's experience in business leadership and strategic marketing is driven by her aspiration to disrupt the market while making a significantly positive impact on the community.

About Engaging Results Communications (ERC)
Engaging Results Communications aims to help businesses engage with their audiences both effectively and efficiently. It provides mobile technology and services that allow businesses to communicate directly with their audiences. ERC feels very strongly about getting involved in the communities they serve and has a passion for working with nonprofit organizations. Their services range from mobile apps to SMS text messaging, and have worked with nonprofits on events, fundraising, promotions, sharing information, and other avenues.