The Doyenne Group

Nonprofit Sponsor

The Doyenne Group

The Doyenne Group is dedicated to creating communities of women entrepreneurs. We provide mentoring and networking opportunities in a fun, safe environment for you to come and talk about your entrepreneurial journey.

Through our monthly meetings, learning groups, retreats, and other special events, we design social spaces where women can talk with each other about their experiences, get greater clarity on who they are and what they do as entrepreneurs, and push themselves outside their comfort zone as they work to build ventures that have impact.

The Doyenne Group’s mission is to support women as they: 

  1. develop themselves as entrepreneurs,
  2. found and build their ventures, and
  3. engage more fully in the broader entrepreneurial community.

We are committed to challenging women (including ourselves) to reach our fullest potential as entrepreneurs and leaders in our communities.  The world can settle for nothing less!  (And, yes, there is finally a place where you won’t be the only woman in the room!)