1 Million Cups presents Positive Women for Change

Madison Public Library
201 West Mifflin St., 3rd floor

Conference Workshop

Kia Stearn is the founder of an emerging nonprofit, Positive Women for Change (PW4C), which empowers underserved women and helps them get back on the road to financial security. Kia, who founded PW4C, knows how critical 1:1 financial training can be to help people reach modest—but critical—financial goals. Learn about her struggles and successes in creating this new nonprofit, ask a question, share your experience, and offer assistance. 1 Million Cups —a weekly event for local entrepreneurs and nonprofits to meet and present their startups to the thriving peer network of founders in Madison.​

Sponsored by: 1 Million Cups

This event is not hosted by Madison Nonprofit Day. You MUST register separately for this event. Please view special instructions, below.