7 Reasons Why You Should Join Us


Skills Building for Professionals

Learning is a life-time endeavor. The world keeps change around us and the skills you learned yester-year lose value. Frequently, it is hard to ascertain what you no longer know and what you need to learn anew. Madison Nonprofit Day offers more than the same ole skills. We track eight targeted skills area and search for emerging ideas and thought leadership. We provide the right mix of essential skills and new approaches to basic concepts.


New Ideas are the Cornerstone of Innovation

New ideas are the cornerstone of innovation. It’s easy to get stuck when you work alone. Not just stuck on how to solve problems, but stuck in a rut — doing the same old things, the same way, again and again. Innovation comes when you join the mix of new people, new ideas, new experiences, and unique expertise. Being in a different environment with a new or extended group of people - provides a fresh perspective. Champion innovation, by granting access to settings that create new ideas.


Develop New Leaders and Leadership Skills

Developing new leadership is vital and frequently overlooked. Improving your leadership skills makes sense. But investing in tomorrow’s talent is critical for organizational sustainability. Leadership development increases the ability of organizations to attract, hire, and inspire great staff and volunteers. It boosts office morale and makes your organization more attractive to talent, new and old.


Connect to Cross-Sector Changemakers

Connections create diversity. Diversity across race/ethnicity, age, abilities, sectors, skills is essential for growth, innovation, and sustainability. Madison Nonprofit Day puts in the work required to create a diverse conference that will allow you to connect with others across professional silos. Don't get stuck. Meet experienced and new leaders from a multitude of professions.


Find the Right Partners for Collaborations

Collaborations are messy. Madison Nonprofit Day provides learning opportunities around collaboration, as well as the chance to discover new partners. Great partmd:ners make collaborations infinitely better, regardless of the mess. The right partners provide new insights, help problem-solve, bring teams together in ways that build leadership and strengthen morale, and provide shared learning experiences.


Spread the Word About You

Awareness requires exposure. Come and introduce yourself and your organization to a community of like-minded, engaged, attendees. There's nothing wrong with a little self-promotion. Raise both your and your organization's public profile. Madison Nonprofit Day is attended by founders, executive directors, programming staff, volunteers, consultants, city leaders, neighborhood leaders, and more.

Have Fun!

Rejuvenate & Regenerate Your Soul

Work, regardless of how much you love it, is exhausting. Regardless if you work for or run your own nonprofit or business, work can be a tiring, lonely existence, that mentally and physically depletes you. It’s not much, but Madison Nonprofit Day can help revitalize you. Have fun with old and new friends. Take this moment for you or bring friends or staff along. It is an opportunity to socialize, be present, and enjoy the day and the experience.
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