Deborah Herman

After 20 years of providing organizational analysis, development, and capacity-building in the non-profit and education sectors, I opened Pivot Consulting & Coaching with the dream of expanding that work. I have a strong commitment to educators and front-line leaders in non-profits, schools, colleges, universities, and unions. They deserve the best in support and growth opportunities.

I excel at designing situation-specific strategies for each organization. Designing that specific strategy for you involves some combination of: organizational analysis, stakeholder process, long-term strategy development, leadership development, team building, curriculum development, leadership training, program management, campaign strategy, and membership and volunteer organizing. My professional experience in the field is complemented by my academic background in curriculum development, language politics, border studies, and Spanish language translation.

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Pivot Consulting & Coaching, LLC

Non-profits and educational institutions face a stress-filled, fast-changing world. Developing resilience in the face of these conditions is the key to success.

At Pivot, we work with you to provide a fresh perspective. We can provide organizational analysis allows you to explore options in a new light; and, enhanced skills and daily practices that will help you convert plans into realities, by aligning mission, goals, and day-to-day practices. We can also help strengthen your leadership team through one-to-one coaching, or group skill-building workshops. Learn more at!