Emily Peffer

Emily has been working with teams for over 10 years in a variety of settings including outdoors with youth, in the boardroom with corporate clients, and in foreign countries with English immersion camps. She's currently landed in Madison, WI at the community recreation department MSCR, where she's lucky to be supervising outdoor programs on both land and water. She splits her time team building on one of the two outdoor challenge courses or on the water with a fleet of canoes/kayaks that travel all over the city providing opportunities for youth and the community to learn paddling basics. She also supervises the MSCR Pontoon Program that offers multiple youth and adult trips, including private pontoon boat rentals. Serving the community and getting people outdoors to experience their world from a different perspective are just perks of the job!

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MSCR (Madison School & Community Recreation)

Madison School & Community Recreation known as MSCR is the recreation department for the city of Madison. We provide thousands of recreational, educational, and community supportive programs with the goal to enhance the quality of life for individuals in the Madison Metropolitan School District and for the community by providing recreation and enrichment opportunities year-round that are accessible to all.