Stephanie Steigerwaldt

Stephanie Steigerwaldt is a visual practitioner passionate about co-creating spaces that support individuals and groups engaged in socially innovative process work. Deep listening and graphic recording are two methods she uses to “make the invisible visible” in order to facilitate change on the individual and systems level. Working visually is about uncovering blind spots and making connections – helping groups see what they are saying and to see themselves within the system. It’s about engaging in more effective, efficient and innovative thinking (and growth!) Stephanie holds a Master's Certificate in Sustainability Leadership through Edgewood College and a Permaculture Design Certificate through Madison Area Permaculture Guild and is also a web marketing and communications professional with 15+ years of experience empowering small businesses and nonprofits to create effective, affordable websites they can manage independently.

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For your most important work, why depend on words alone? Adding visuals invites faster and deeper learning by helping people find patterns, make new connections and see new perspectives. If you want to change the world, change the images people see.