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Are Email & iPhone Running Your Life?

Friday, October 2018
2 pm (30-Min)

Deborah Herman

Is your smartphone in charge of your life? Does email drive your day? Wanna put yourself back in the driver's seat? Check out these Top 5 Tips for getting control of your devices - and your time.


It's hard to remember that email and the internet have only been dominant forces in our everyday life for about 20 years, and that the iPhone is only 11 years old! Social media, smartphones, and email now often drive our days. The impact for most people is less sleep, lower-quality face-to-face interactions with friends and family, an ever-expanding work day, and LOWER productivity.Want to get control of your devices, instead of letting them control you?In this 20-minute flash session we'll do a whirlwind tour of the impact social media and digital devices are having on our brains, our ability to focus, and our productivity. We'll then review the 3 main reasons it's hard to change our technology use habits. Finally, we'll discuss the 5 most impactful techniques for managing email, social media, and digital devices so that we're in charge of our devices (instead of them being in charge of us).

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