Forget your Mission: Get Inspired by Experiences

Michelle Kwasny
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Forget your Mission: Get Inspired by Experiences

In the social sector, mission and vision drive everything. We can be so laser-focused on delivering on our mission and measuring impact, that we may not stop to take stock of whether there are more innovative ways to deliver on our mission, or if our mission has evolved. Using the process of human-centered design, specifically analogs, extremes, and empathy experiences, can help broaden our view and allow us to gain inspiration where we least expect it.

Prerequisite or Takeaways
 Seeking out extremes and experiencing some of the pain of the process ourselves, widening our lens of looking can really help when we're facing ambiguous challenges or threats to the future of our businesses or organizations.

Session Type
 Presentation — single/two presenters, focused, on point, thought-provoking content