How to Make Yourself Memorable: Instantaneous Differentiation

Paul M. Neuberger
The Starr Group / The Cold Call Coach, LLC
How to Make Yourself Memorable: Instantaneous Differentiation

How do you make a powerful (and positive) impression in a short time frame? Master the ability to showcase who you really are. Your unique skills, qualities, and experiences will allow others to remember you, regardless of how much (or little) time you spent together. “How to Make Yourself Memorable” explains how everyone can use their singular personality traits to create trust and likeability. Paul M. Neuberger’s presentation is one you’re guaranteed to remember!

Prerequisite or Takeaways
 When you’re the best person for the job, how do you communicate your value and stand out from the crowd? How do you craft that message in a clear, concise, articulate manner that leaves a lasting impression? These will be two of the takeaways from Paul's session.

Session Type
 Presentation — single/two presenters, focused, on point, thought-provoking content

Slides & Handouts