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Invest in Your Branding and People Will Invest in You

Thursday, October 2018
10 am

Kelly Rauwerdink

Branding is about making impressions and building relationships with your audience. Your brand allows people to see the importance of your work and why it matters. A brand will show that your efforts are genuine, legitimate and trustworthy before your first meeting with a potential partner or donor. Start thinking about your brand’s impact today! Create something that is visually meaningful and will enhance potential future investments.


In the beginning we will talk about what a brand is and its importance. As part of the engagement plan on sharing how I create a brand from scratch so that we can use the same steps to create something for those participating a step toward their brand creation or reimagining. We will walk thru steps of choosing imagery, colors, typography, types of collateral and the overall snap shot of what their brand would need. This would allow people to work on their brand experience step by step. Maybe people can answer: IF you answer yes to any of these, this workshop would be for you. Is your brand is nonexistent. (Whats a brand?) Does your brand looks like someone else’s. (example all women’s cancer research use pink/ribbons) Is your brand is old. (Last time you did anything was 20 years, 10 years ago) Is your brand is confusing to your audience. (Example: have two different logos) Is your brand is missing a brand standard. (What is a brand standard?) Is your brand is inconsistent. (Website feels different from pamplet different from business cards ) Are people engaging in your brand? Is your brand is not used across all platforms. (Email, Social media, Collateral, Etc)

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