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Maximize The Ask – Recruiting Volunteers Persuasively

Friday, October 2018
9 am

Lisa Curley
Sarah Chevis Rogers

Spend less time recruiting volunteers by framing persuasive asks that play to their strengths and interests. Learn how to ask for help in a way that makes volunteers want to say ‘Yes!’. In this interactive workshop, participants will reflect on their volunteer needs and craft a successful ask for help with someone in mind. After a little practice, everyone will walk away with the confidence needed to build the best volunteer team.


Goal Learn how to best strategically match volunteers with roles that best utilize their strengths and make a persuasive ask. 1. Why make strategic asks? Participants will learn why making strategic asks are important and effective. 2. What do you need? Participants will focus on one volunteer role that needs to be filled and what individual strengths would be useful in the role. Small groups will share. 3. Who do you know? Participants will think about individuals in their circle and list their strengths and interests. 4. Making a successful ask. Participants will learn how to frame a persuasive ask and work with a partner to practice their delivery. 5. Handling No. Participants will walk away with strategies on how to move the conversation forward when someone says no to an ask.

Materials & Resourcess