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Numbers and Equity

Friday, October 2018
1 pm (20-Min)

Katherine Kamp

Nonprofits express their mission and equity focus in how they focus their program and manage finances. Let’s look at how tying your mission to your organization budget can reflect organizational values and objectives through financial management. We will look at ways to measure and monitor organizational sustainability and resources available to ensure responsible organizational growth. Sometimes working on our budget is left to the last minute, but in this session we will talk about how you, your staff and your Board can develop good financials practices to put your nonprofit on the road to success.


The workshop will be provided by veteran non profit directors and is designed to help people understand how to develop a mission based budget that reflects organizational values and that considers equity as a component of program development. We will review techniques for developing a budget that involves staff and boards. We will also review key measure to monitor progress toward goals and objectives. The session is a primer in nonprofit financial management, suggesting ways to set up systems so that there are no financial surprises for either the ED or the Boards, but more importantly that the organization is using the funds it has available to have the most community impact.

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