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Promoting a Growth Mindset with your Staff

Friday, October 2018
2 pm

Laneice McGee

The growth mindset is a concept that can be applied to businesses large and small, nonprofits, startups & entrepreneurs.--It is a concept the can be used in building all kinds of relationships. It’s more than just a business strategy, it’s value-added human experience. Learn how to be more connected with staff; see staff members beyond their job and duties and how to connect to their purpose,which can unlock great potential.


This presentation will focus on the importance of being more connected with staff, we must see them beyond their job duty and connect to their purpose that can unlock their potential to expand beyond the surface. Understanding the importance of leading the way by having conversation that builds relationships. Discussions that promotes diversity because it creates opportunities for everyone's learning to expand, is a way to create synergy in the workplace. When we address that growth is more than numbers, completing task, and getting results on graphs, we then can change the mindset and look at the true factors that drive organizations to success; which is the people, their passions and reasons. When we understand that component, and share that story, we change the trajectory of not just the success of the organization but the INDIVIDUAL that make up the organization.

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