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Strengthening Communities through Mutual Exchange

Friday, October 2018
1 pm (20-Min)

Gary Messinger

We'll give an overview of the TimeBank and our unique strategies for building resilience in our community. This includes active participation in a game that shows how we engage individuals and organizations to build networks of mutually beneficial support and exchange. It's a simple way to demonstrate how we all have things we can offer or we need, and increases awareness of the wealth of gifts and resources that are right in front of us.


Timebanking is an exchange system. People help each other and receive credits for their service. Anyone who helps another member earns one TimeBank Hour for each hour of help given, which they can then spend on an hour of service from anyone else in the network. Everyone's time is valued equally, no matter who they are or what they do.

Along with neighbors simply helping neighbors, the Dane County TimeBank has partnerships with many organizations who also receive and offer help. The TimeBank also provides opportunities for several ongoing projects that help to strengthen our communities (ie, restorative justice, inclusion, transportation).

Our goal with this flash session is to have you, and perhaps an organization you represent, gain an understanding of what the TimeBank is and to have you aware of the potential wealth of connections and resources that are available through this network. Hopefully, you will be inspired to think about possible collaborations that are mutually beneficial that either you as an individual or as an organization can engage in. 

As budgets shrink and expenses grow, it's time for us to use the many wonderful assets of all residents of our communities, matching unmet needs with unused resources. We each have talents and skills that someone else values. By sharing them, we can create community one hour at a time.

Feel free to take a sneak peek by visiting us at https://danecountytimebank.org/

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