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Thinking Outside the Grant!

Friday, October 2018
10 am (45-Min)

Bobby Peterson

Thinking Outside the Grant explores social entrepreneurship as a creative vehicle to support nonprofit stability and sustainability. Learn how ABC for Health, Inc. leveraged entrepreneurship as a way to innovate around health disparities in care and coverage.


Thinking Outside the Grant! Nonprofit organizations face difficult challenges to remain viable and grow stronger. Every staff member, director, community leader and volunteer knows that identifying and securing a sustainable funding source is the Holy Grail for many non-profits. Grant funding and foundation support is essential to most non-profit program operations but what about when the grant ends or the foundation changes interest areas or priorities? How can nonprofits identify and cultivate sustainable yet mission driven program funds? This session explores creative social entrepreneurship opportunities as a vehicle that supports nonprofit stability and sustainability.

ABC for Health, Inc., works to promote access to health care coverage and care for low-income disparity populations.

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