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Monona Terrace & Convention Center
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Madison, WI

Madison Nonprofit Day is a community-driven event to highlight and support the value of nonprofits to the Greater Madison Area. The Madison Nonprofit Day Conference is an avenue for professionals across disciplines and sectors to learn and grow professionally, network, and be inspired. There are five simultaneous workshops in most time-blocks, a keynote presentation, dualing plenaries, exhibits, and plenty of extras to keep you mentally alert, and your brain and body active.

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The Perfect Nonprofit  »

Of course, no organization is fully perfect, but having clarity, aligning your misison and values, and making and measuring an impact does inspire visions of perfection among us. If you cannot describe your organization in terms of 'vision', 'clarity', 'impact', 'aligned', then you need to be at this session. You learn how to…

Building Communities from Inside Out  »

Stop thinking and acting in negatives— if your work requires you to build or rebuild communities, then attend this workshop to get simple, usable, practical wisdom in asset-based community development (ABCD). Every neighborhood, city, region, or even member groups have assets. Learn how to find them and change your approach to community…

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Dysfunctional Boards - What to Do About Them  »

Planning, oversight and evaluation, financial and fiduciary responsibility, development and marketing are among key board roles. Too often, nonprofit boards do not include individuals with these skills and expertise. This session will explore creative new strategies to assist organizations in identifying, recruiting, preparing and retaining effective board members. Presented by…

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Power Networking - The Competitive Advantage  »

Relationship marketing is generating a lot of buzz. But has anyone ever said to you, “If there’s anything I can do to help you with your organizations, let me know”? That’s the goal of good networking. Join experienced business owner and “Power Networker”, Donna Gray as she shares the tools for creating…

Creating Connections: CORE Action Cafe  »

Using Art of Hosting’s “Proaction Café” process, CORE leaders will facilitate an opportunity for participants to identify their burning questions around a new idea they want to take to the next level or a challenge that keeps them and their organizations from reaching their missions. Through small group discussions, participants…

Engaging for Impact  »

Community engagement is most effective when it is part of the program design and less so as an afterthought. Explore the reasons why it make sense to  involve volunteers & collaborators, even if you had unlimited financial resources. Understand the broad spectrum of community engagement so you can create a plan…

Inspiring Collaboration  »

Collaboration can harness the potential of people. Empowering people to use their creative passions and endless opportunities can allow organizations with limited resources to align, and grow stronger, even with limited financial resources. Presented by Michael Fenchel

Grant-seeking Basics  »

The world of grantmaking is vital to many nonprofits. Information on how to build a credible nonprofit organization, as well as general grantseeking tips is important. This session will provide an orientation to the Grants Information Collection (GIC) and a brief demonstration of the Foundation Directory Online grants…

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The Lean Nonprofit  »

'What is lean?' and 'Can nonprofits, effectively use it?' If you're lookingto make the most of limited resources, then 'lean' can help you— improve quality, reduce cost, and achieve your mission more effectively. The lean methodology is quite simple. The hard part is putting it into practice— it requires leaders to foster the culture,…

Best Practices in Volunteer Management  »

A panel of local experts— Jeff Burkhart, Literacy Network of Dane County; Candace Stohs-Krause, CUNA Mutual Foundation;Kate Katzban-Beren, Goodman Community Center; and Michael Rosenblum, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics— will discuss several aspects of best practices in volunteer engagement. This includes effective partnerships, how and why to measure impact, the importance of…

10 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Boost Your Nonprofit’s Visibility  »

This workshop will provide 10 ways that your organization can: 1.) attract top leadership talent and support staff; 2.) build excitement for the organization's mission, programming, and special events; 3.) engage volunteers, participants, and supporters; and 4.) direct followers to contribute financially. Audience participation is encouraged, including…

Making the Artful Ask  »

Are you raising what is needed to accomplish your mission?  Do your board members and volunteers joyfully participate in the development process? Would you like to be more confident speaking a major gift ask? Our success depends upon BOTH our methods and our mindset! Join international speaker, author…

Board Building Basics  »

Organizations have one thing in common— Boards of Directors. The more effectively the Board operates, the more effectively the organization. This workshop is for anyone interested in building a stronger nonprofit Boards of Director. Bring your challenges, and leave with ideas for making a greater impact.

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KEYNOTE: Are You Planning for Vibrancy?  »

Operational ruts can cause organizational limps. Too many organizations are limping— from boards and budgets, to fundraising and frustrations, these operational necessities can erode enthusiasm for critical community missions. Brent will challenge you to look critically toward ways of leading your organization into greater vibrancy and sustainability.

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Making People Care with Storytelling  »

All businesses, especially non-profits, rely on their audience caring about their product, service or cause. But how do you make someone care? The truth is that you can’t make someone do or feel anything — you can only invite them. In this 60-minute workshop, StoryFirst Media partners Dave Neelsen and…

Visual Content Marketing  »

Visuals are powerful. For organizations, they are a powerful way to track and influence, to drive website traffic and to create stories that help spread the word about a cause or initiative. This workshop will explore best practices for the use of visuals in your social media marketing with…

Supervision: Getting Results Through Others  »

A supervisor is both a leader and a manager. Leadership is the art of getting (or inspiring!) people to do something, while management deals with the allocation of resources. Supervision is a skill that is valued in the workplace. For some, it just comes naturally. For others, especially those…

Crowdfunding and Benefit Corporations  »

The world of doing social good is rapidly changing and expanding. The social sector—which the objectives are not primarily monetary—comprises nonprofits, public organization, and a growing social entreprise. Even your average corporation is being increasingly expected to join with other organizations—both public and private—to address societal ills and environmental problems. Gregory Lynch…

Multichannel Fundraising & Communication  »

Thinking Through Organizational Messaging from the Audience Perspective— The opportunities for communicating with your members, donors, partners, and other constituents are many. What works? How do they work together? What's effective?

The opportunities for communicating with your members, donors, landowners, partners, and other constituents are myriad…

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Navigating Change  »

Change is a constant in the world of nonprofit management.  Leaders need to continually scan for possible threats, determine if change is necessary, quickly make the change and ensure staff, stakeholders and clients are on board.  Constantly navigating through change can be rewarding and exciting, but it can also be…

Mobilizing the Masses  »

The communication landscape is evolving rapidly and staying abreast of these changes is key to a nonprofit's sustainability. To raise funds effectively, NPO's should understand its stakeholders' relationship to mobile. This session will be delivered in a storytelling format to uncover strategies for working smarter. Real-world examples will be shared…

Taming the Monkey  »

Just about every non-profit organization collects information through online surveys, and tools like SurveyMonkey make this easier. But surveys haven’t necessarily gotten better. How can you be confident that the information you are gathering is accurate and will lead to good decision making? In this brief session, we’ll cover ten…

Attract, Retain, Develop & Engage the Best Talent  »

For most organization, attracting and retaining the right people can be hard, but in nonprofits the cost associated with hiring, loosing, and or keeping the wrong people can be very high. Having a great staff—the ability to attract, retain, develop, and keep engaged— the right people to further your organizations…

Vibrancy UnPlugged  »

After the keynote, bring your questions to Brent about breaking organizational ruts and stepping into vibrancy.  This lively, "Town Hall" style session will explore super practical ways to grow your nonprofit forward.

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PLENARY 1: Nonprofits:Ignite  »

Storytelling is important. Stories connect us. Many nonprofits know how important it is to be able to tell your story well. Nonprofits:Ignite is a high-energy nonprofit share powered by Ignite Madison. Five to six local nonprofits will tell stories of creative accomplishments, innovative, collaborative work, lessons learned and inspire others to do…

Plenary 2: Gail Christopher  »

Dr. Gail Christopher, the vice president for programs at the W. K. Kellogg Foundation in Battle Creek, Michigan, we'll be discussing the Business Case for Racial Equity. This program is part of the Racial Justice Summit and offered as a collaborative effort between the YWCA and Madison Nonprofit Day. Each…

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Creating Change Through Storytelling  »

Whether raising money, strengthening organizational culture, or drumming up support for advocacy and campaigns, great stories are the most powerful tool of individuals and organizations. This session will begin with an overview of theory and techniques for telling authentic stories, considerations of the story medium and social media,…

Generating Sustainable Income  »

All organizations want sustainable income—for profit or nonprofit alike. In nonprofits and social entrprise, where primarily objectives are not monetary, issues around melding missions of social impact with fiscal sustainability are very important. The world is changing and so is "doing good". Organizations have a lot more flexibility in deciding…

Motivating Adults to Learn: An Overview  »

Our organizations offer many opportunities for adult learning - formal training, on-the-job training, team training, mentoring and job shadowing. Managers and leaders are often called upon to create and participate in theselearning opportunities without prior experience in teaching adults. This workshop will give you a practical tool to design learning events for your employees which…

Dr. Technology: How I Learned to Love Modern Tools  »

At 100state, we leverage technology to help us save time, keep staff low, but still achieve our nonprofit's goals. Not only does our technology help us save time, but money too. With the help of technology, 100state has been able to grow at astonishing rates over our first…

Volunteers of All Ages  »

Creating a volunteer program that effectively engages volunteers of all ages requires a clear understanding of the unique values, skills, and interests of each as well as the skills to design appealing volunteer opportunities and implement successful recruitment strategies. In this workshop you will: Identify the five generations currently…

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Avoiding Fraud in Nonprofits  »

Fraud happens! But you can make sure your nonprofit is safe and aware. We will look at examples of how fraud can occur in nonprofit organizations, and what can be done to prevent it. We'll provide recommendations for improving internal controls; tips on spotting behavior/acts that may be…

Storytelling for Donations  »

CANCELLED. Nonprofits face the difficult challenge of effectively marketing their causes to inspires donations. While many may understand the value of storytelling, they don’t know the types of stories and marketing channels for the greatest impact. Attendees will leave this energetic session with knowledge of: nonprofit story categories,…

Leveraging the Power of Free - Building Community with Yelp  »

Did you know that Yelp does nonprofits? Community Organizations? and even Small Businesses beyond restaurants? Yelp has 3 effective tools for communicating your message, owning your presence online, and building a robust community around your mission. 138 Million people turn to the site monthly, to tap into the power of consumer generated content…

Managing Volunteers: Tools & Practices  »

This workshop will explore the tools and practices of managing volunteers, by demonstrating the Volunteer Resource Management Database (VRM Database) — a FREE relational database management solution for non-profits that are looking for an easy-to-use program for managing volunteer information, with a focus on volunteer hours.

External Resources

Intangible Outcomes - Approach to Program Development & Evaluation  »

Evaluating programs for social impact is very important, yet many nonprofit, community-based, and grassroots organizations don't have the skills, tools, or capacity to successful do so. Convential methods of program evaluation can be lacking when encountering the living-and-learning-in-place perspective that frequently charaterizes nonprofit and community-based organization.  This workshop was designed to help…

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