Creating a Culture of Generosity

Tuesday, 16 Jun 2015, 01:08PM

Consider how it would feel to be working in a place where every member of the staff joyfully gave to the organization; where the program staff saw their role as partners with the fundraising team; where budgets and time-management evaluations stressed donor stewardship; and the impact of creating long-term donor relationships was a core value. Let me show you how to create a team of people who understand and embrace their role in an authentic culture of philanthropy and joyfully work towards your mission.

Presenters / Panelists

Marcy Heim

President, Artful Asker, LLC

With over two decades of advancement experience, Marcy brings a sincere respect and energy for the transforming impact philanthropy can have on our organizations and throughout our communities. Recognized as an excellent and entertaining presenter, she combines her experience with a large, public research university, a small independent school and… ( see more )