Opportunity to Lead

Tuesday, 6 Oct 2015, 06:00PM

Opportunity to Lead is the start to increasing your leadership involvement in a cause and in the community. This session gives an overview of the role of a nonprofit board member and can help you decide if becoming a member of a nonprofit board or committee is a good fit for you. Knowledge of what types of nonprofit boards there are, and duties of a board member. Tips on how to go about joining a nonprofit board.


Presenters / Panelists

Kari Temkin

Badger Volunteers Coordinator, Morgridge Center for Public Service

Kari Temkin (B.S. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and M.A. at Marquette University) is the Badger Volunteers Coordinator. In this role, Kari supports the operations, quality and growth of the Badger Volunteers program, which supports 750 student volunteers per semester.  As a UW-Madison alumna, she’s thrilled to be back on… ( see more )

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