Closing the Nonprofit Technology Divide

Tuesday, 6 Oct 2015, 02:45PM

New and affordable technologies are developing and improving all the time. When a nonprofit’s need and technology are matched correctly and deployed well it can save time, money and resources. Learn about the benefits and limitations of different technology solutions and increase your nonprofits capacity!

Presenters / Panelists

Alyssa Kenney

Executive Director, DANEnet

Alyssa is a motivated nonprofit executive and agent of social good with an extensive background in community technology, digital inclusion, youth development, child care, community building and fundraising.  Alyssa brings complex plans and partnerships to life, build collaboration with diverse partners and successfully manage challenging projects. She is a strategic… ( see more )

Lauren Kieliszewski

Technology Consultant, Education Coordinator, DANEnet

Lauren has been working with DANEnet since 2012. She has a BS in computer science from Wellesley College and has experience with networking (including completing the CCNA curriculum), server administration, and desktop support, as well as community outreach and technical education. Her passion for DANEnet’s work stems from the feeling… ( see more )