Resonant Leadership Skills for Effective Volunteer Engagement

Tuesday, 6 Oct 2015, 10:30AM

Engaged volunteers bring more of their creativity and passion to their work and, as a result, tend to provide much higher quality service than disengaged volunteers. What qualities should you bring to your work as a volunteer manager/coordinator that will bring out the best in your volunteers? How can you help them fully engage their passion and creativity? In this session you’ll learn a powerful framework for becoming a resonant leader and for building a strong partnership with your volunteers. 

Together we will explore the ten qualities of the resonant leader and examine how the Collaborative Mindset, when used by a leader, leads to engaged volunteers. Attend this session to discover the secret for unleashing the talent of your volunteers!

Presenters / Panelists

Jeffrey Russell

Co-Director, Russell Consulting, Inc.

Jeffrey Russell, co-director of Russell Consulting, Inc., specializes in helping organizations achieve great performance while successfully responding to the challenges of continuous change. With a focus on leadership, strategic thinking, leading change, and performance coaching, Jeff has worked internationally with organizations as diverse as Fortune 500 firms, public and social… ( see more )

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