Creating Sustainable Business Models for Nonprofits

Tuesday, 6 Oct 2015, 06:00PM

In this workshop, you will identify successful business models that are working for nonprofits and other social good for-profit organizations, as well as work on ideas of what business models may work to make your organization more sustainable.  Gregg Potter will help you explore and analyze examples of nonprofits that have created sustainable income. The workshop will use audience experience and sharing to take note of positive deviance currently happening, explore possible replication, and generate new possibilities. This is an interactive workshop, you'll not only learn ways nonprofits are moving from being donor reliant, but share explore ideas for your own organization. The goal of this workshop is to begin the conversation on how to create more independent nonprofits in our community.

Presenters / Panelists

Gregg Potter

Activist, Public Speaker, Founder, Project Kinect

Gregg Potter is a writer, activist, public speaker, and the founder of Project Kinect. From tornado relief in Alabama, to working with corporations to become more effective in their communities, to fighting for human rights of the marginalized in South Africa, Potter strives to be an affective tool for other… ( see more )