The Sketchnote Mini-Workshop

Tuesday, 6 Oct 2015, 10:30AM

Sketchnoting is a visual note-taking process that allows you combine words with hand-sketched images to capture information in an organic, non-linear way. It will light up the brain. 

Mike Rohde will teach you the basic elements of sketchnoting, then lead the group in a session where we all create sketchnotes together. This session is perfect for anyone who wants to learn a new way of capturing their ideas: from meetings and conferences to your own ideas and experiences.

Ideas Not Art


The Workshop will introduce students to the basics of sketchnoting and visual thinking:

  • What are sketchnotes?
  • 5 elements of drawing
  • Creating a Visual Library
  • Lettering
  • Icons
  • Drawing People
  • Drawing Faces
  • 2 Sketchnoting Exercises

Can't draw? No problem.
I'll teach you the basics of drawing and guide you through your first sketchnote. If you have a positive attitude, are willing to experiment, and share your work with a small group, you're perfect for this workshop.

Invest in yourself.
Visual thinking skills are valuable for capturing, generating, analyzing and communicating ideas. Spend a day building your skills and your confidence with The Sketchnote Workshop. Sign up today.



“I have been using these tools in my daily life for a long time, but the one thing I never improved on was my drawing. The idea map for sketchnoting was fantastic and I especially enjoyed how he simplified the process of drawing and taking notes by using just few simple shapes and signs. I LOVED this workshop!”

“I truly enjoyed the Sketchnote workshop, I have learned something that I would not necessarily think I could do until I attended the workshop. I was an enlightening experience and the Mr. Rohde was a great instructor and he makes everyone feel relaxed.”

Presenters / Panelists

Mike Rohde

Author / Owner, Rohdesign

Mike Rohde is the author of two bestselling books: The Sketchnote Handbook (2012) and The Sketchnote Workbook (2014). He presents workshops around the world that encourage people to use visual thinking skills to generate, capture and share ideas more effectively. Mike is the illustrator of bestselling books REWORK, REMOTE, The $100… ( see more )