Zero-Based Budgeting

Tuesday, 6 Oct 2015, 04:45PM

A critical component of managing your nonprofit's money should be annual budgeting. Too often, organizations are approving budgets that are "same as last year" or, worse, they do not approve a budget at all. During this discussion on zero-based budgeting, we will interactively show the simple tools we use to manage this process--which is essential for the long-range success of your nonprofit. Join us to find out why we recommend zero-based budgeting. 

Presenters / Panelists

Nick Curran

Founder, Numbers 4 Nonprofits

Nicholas A Curran CPA, Founder of Numbers 4 Nonprofits, has been independent since 2004. Having once audited nonprofits while working for public accounting firms in Wisconsin, Nick was presented the opportunity to manage the internal finances of Madison Children’s Museum in 2006. This work proved very fulfilling and Nick soon… ( see more )