Aaron Romens

Executive Director
Motivate Youth

Aaron Romens is the Executive Director of Motivate Youth, a non-profit consulting organization based in Madison, WI. He has presented on motivational interviewing and other motivation strategies at the National Afterschool Association’s National Conference, as well as regional conferences throughout the United States. He has worked for out-of-school educational organizations in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ecuador, where he worked with hundreds of adult and student volunteers. He has a BA in Journalism and a Law Degree, both from the University of Wisconsin.

Motivate Youth’s mission is to foster motivation in youth through the professional development of the adults that work with them. Using the widely used practice of Motivational Interviewing as our guide, Motivate Youth provides professional development to all that want to be motivated or want to motivate others. Our trainings are easy to grasp, feature many interactive elements, and cover a lot in a short period of time. For more information, visit www.motivateyouth.org