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Lunch Connect 4x4!

Thursday, October 2018
11 am

Introducing a new and hopefully fun way to meet people at the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference. This year Madison Nonprofit Day would like to help facilitate networking and community building by being a hub for making connections. Introducing Lunch 4x4!


The event will connect four individuals who may not cross paths on a typical day but would benefit from an intentional match-making and conversation experience. Through Lunch 4x4 you will experience a diverse dining experience- diversity in people, sectors, companies, organizations, and levels of experience. MND will be facilitating this curated lunch to push you outside of your normal circle of colleagues, peers, and business networks.

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Commit to attend lunch! Accept the challenge, push the limits, expect the unexpected- play Lunch 4x4. Given the limited space and intentional nature of this program, registration does not guarantee a space. Registration will communicate your interest and placement on our waiting list. All registrants will be notified of their status before Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018.

Lunches will be held at different venues in Madison. A confirmation email with location details will be sent by Monday prior to the lunch.

Sharon Neylon, [email protected]

Date/Time Details:
Lunch Series Dates: Thursday, October 4, lunch participants will meet at 11:45 am. Lunch typically goes for 1 hour, but up to the discretion of each group member.

Lunch 4x4: There is no cost to participate. Each participant will pay for their own order. If any questions contact Sharon at [email protected]