Bobby Peterson

Robert “Bobby” Peterson Jr. Bobby is an attorney and the founder and Executive Director of ABC for Health, Inc. (ABC) and founder and President of My Coverage Plan, Inc. (MCP) A 1987 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School where he attended on a Legal Education Opportunity Fellowship. At ABC, a nonprofit public interest law firm, Bobby assists low income clients with access to health care and coverage issues that range from terminations or denials to court actions and appeals to the Supreme Court of the United States. In 2010, with Federal NIH grant support, he founded a new subsidiary organization, My Coverage Plan Inc., an innovative new technology firm developing Advocus, a TurboTax® type tool for health benefits that uses decision support technology to help providers to assist disparity patients to identify and optimize health care coverage and create a coverage road map. The company is also developing Gurulz, a web based learning management system designed to teach community stakeholders about health benefits counseling services and skills to help disparity populations obtain and maintain access to health care coverage and care. Bobby has written many consumer and professional publications and is the project director and principal investigator on numerous state, federal and private foundation grants.

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ABC for Health Inc.

ABC for Health Inc., (ABC) has a mission “to provide information, advocacy tools, legal services and expert support needed to obtain, maintain, and finance health care coverage and services.” ABC is a statewide non-profit, public interest law firm that engages in direct legal representation, impact litigation, and one-on-one client advocacy for low income families, children with special health care needs, and populations disproportionately affected by health disparities. In the shifting landscape of health policy, cultural demography, and resource inequality, ABC’s issue-focused, hands-on client services approach promotes issue identification that leads to recommendations and policy and practice reforms that benefit of our individual clients, client group and the advocacy community at large. Our approach includes social entrepreneurship activities that creatively apply the knowledge and resources of our firm to promote community education and development.

Our subsidiaries include HealthWatch Wisconsin (HWW), a 501(c)3 and a statewide organization focused on education and outreach related to access to health care and coverage with over 300 members, including over 90 statewide leaders, parents, advocates and providers, in the children youth with special health care needs community from across Wisconsin. HWW includes seven local coalition located in Milwaukee and Dane County, the Fox Valley and Chippewa Valley regions of Wisconsin. HWW distributes the Pulse newsletter and provides webinars to over 4,000 newsletter subscribers across all 72 counties of Wisconsin. HWW sponsors educational conferences, workshops and webinars produced at our studios. ABC for Rural Health (ABCR) is also a 501© 3 subsidiary located in Balsam Lake WI., that provides specialized services for rural and populations that are hard to reach. ABCR has secured 3 major federal grants to help develop unique outreach and education strategies has developed focus and expertise in behavioral health services for rural populations and developed innovative strategies to optimize such county based services. My Coverage Plan Inc. (MCP), is a for profit health technology development company created as a subsidiary by ABC with over $1.7 million in NIH SBIR funds (Small Business Innovative Research) and dedicated to creating health IT to reduce health disparities. Since 2010, MCP has developed new and innovative technology solutions like Advocus and Gurulz.