Breyon Sommerville

EOTO Culturally Rooted

Empowerment Leadership Practices


1neofmani aka Breyon Sommerville is an unorthodox rap artist and founder of #LessWork Local Lifestyle. A movement set out to control the narratives of how local rap artists are viewed and acknowledged in Madison, Wisconsin, and beyond—using his artistic talents to serve his community of leaders and fellow artists. Landing partnerships with local businesses to benefit his art as well as affiliated artists on a month-to-month basis. Known for planning and hosting events, designing flyers, managing social media accounts, and affiliated partnerships with companies like Broadjam and Eleven Music Career Center to maximize local artists' awareness. Currently, 1neofmani is fundraising to purchase a building to give his dream an address.

Along with his business partner Akiya (A-Key-a) "K.I.L.O" (Keep It Lesbian Only) Alexander, a Black LGBTQ+ musician/photographer in the Madison area. Remove the instruments from 1neofmani's music to enjoy poetry in addition to a king's speech and a template for radicals. Poetry is the perfect engagement for those who are aware plus new to 1neofmani's "Local Is The New Global" message as 1neofmani would put it: Easy Wins.

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