Felica Turner-Walton

Healing Our Hearts

Panel Moderator


Felica Turner-Walton knows the power of presence. She made it her mission to be there for others after going through her own personal journey with loss. Attending multiple support groups, Felica noticed that there weren’t any groups that offered support aimed to handle multiple different experiences that Black people had as related to loss.

After the passing of her 4-month-old son, Zaire, Felica’s life changed forever. “Lots of people don’t know what to say to someone who experiences a major loss,” says Felica. “It’s so important to have support. We often spend more time at work than at home, so your coworkers should know how to support you. When we walk into a medical facility the care and support should look the same as any other family that has experienced loss. The experience shouldn’t be different."



Healing Our Hearts is focused on removing the misconception related to loss by creating healing conversations around the cycle of life while acknowledging the emotions and feelings associated with bereavement.

We aim to increase awareness and understanding surrounding grief and loss while supporting those who seek to mend their hearts. By removing the stigma and misconception about grief, Healing Our Hearts will help create a more sympathetic world that recognizes “that time doesn’t always heal and that no one “just gets over” the loss of a loved one.

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