Jeff Glazer

UW Law & Entrepreneurship

Q&A: Business Legal Questions - UW Law & Entrepreneurship


Jeff Glazer works as an Attorney and as a Clinical Associate Professor at the UW Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic, supervising student attorneys providing legal services and resources to start-ups and other entrepreneurs. He is a Business and intellectual property attorney specializing in start-ups and small to mid-size for-profit and non-profit businesses.

Specialties: technology licensing, merchandising, trademarks, copyrights, development agreements, stock buy/sell agreements, asset purchase agreements, systems development, marketing, operations/logistics, breweries, and non-profits.



The Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic provides free legal services to inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Student associates work with supervising lawyers to form companies, register and develop intellectual property and provide advice on tax issues, among a range of other practice areas. We collaborate with the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and Wisconsin’s leading law firms.

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