Melanie Schmidt

Timpano Consulting

Moving Forward ยป Strategic Momentum, Q&A: Ask Me Anything?, Slow Down Leadership Lessons


Melanie Schmidt has a passion for facilitating progress. She brings over 25 years of experience across sectors helping people translate ideas into action using strategic frameworks, design thinking, and intentional communication. Through her work, and as president of Timpano Consulting, she forges alignment among systems, strategy, people, and process to advance constructive innovation and move organizations beyond business as usual. Her particular areas of interest include strategic management, human capital, operational planning, change dynamics, and governance.



Timpano Consulting works within a proven framework to capture the heart of an organization’s mission and then translate it into systems, strategies, and messages that deliver a clear basis for decision-making and a platform for consistent communication. The firm engages an organization's stakeholders and improves its effectiveness through strategic thinking, practical planning, creative problem solving, and comprehensive brand development. The firm specializes in organizations facing change, thrives in complex situations, and has extensive experience with mission-driven organizations. Discover how clarity, curiosity, commitment and communication can become your cornerstones for moving beyond business as usual and achieving sustainable progress. Professional services include: • Management consulting and executive advising • Organizational strategy and operational planning • Governance and Board development • Strategic planning and facilitation • Organizational assessments and design • Workforce planning and human resources • Intentional communication and brand integration • Stakeholder engagement • Transformation/turn-around

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