Sagashus Levingston

Infamous Mothers

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Dr. Sagashus T. Levingston was born in Chicago and raised in the area now known as Bronzeville. She holds a bachelor’s in English Literature from the University of Illinois. She also holds a master’s in Afro-American Studies and a PhD in English literature—both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While her research focused primarily on literature, it was informed by theory and criticism from rhetoric, motherhood studies and black feminism. Her coffee table book, simply titled Infamous Mothers, is inspired by this work and so is Infamous Mothers, LLC. Sagashus and the Infamous Mothers brand has been recognized in several publications, including Demeter Press (the premiere publishing house for motherhood/mothering research), BRAVA Magazine, the Wisconsin State Journal, Forbes and Essence Magazine. She is a highly sought-after speaker, educator and consultant. Dr. Levingston, or Dr. Sagashus—as she is often called—is a proud button-wearing member of the Doyenne Group, Inc. located in Madison, WI. She also sits on the WWBIC South Central Ambassadorial Advisory Committee. As the proud mother of six children—three boys and three girls, she and her family live in Madison, WI.



We’re focused on closing the wealth gap, increasing representation in leadership, expanding narratives, and building mothering practices that don’t sacrifice bodies that birth humans. We are here to help motivate and inspire women to birth out impossible dreams. Offer tools that can be used to defy the odds, bust through glass ceilings and tear down material walls. For our women who mother outside the lines, we create a sense of belonging that allows them to discover and exercise their power, feel safe and embraced and dream boldly and make good on their dreams so that they are able to be the heroes in their own stories.



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