Tara Wilhelmi


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Tara Wilhelmi (she/her) is the founder and lead Peer Specialist at EOTO, LLC, which stands for each one teach one. She believes that the simplest way to solve a problem is often by listening to those most impacted by it. She has over a decade of experience with nonprofits. Serving as a connector and "seed planter" in her community, working with several impactful collaborations throughout Wisconsin. Wilhelmi leads a local grassroots community recovery and wellness organization.

Ms. Wilhelmi is a Certified Peer Specialist and a state trainer of Certified Peer Specialists (CPS). She supports individuals navigating mental health, substance use, and trauma recovery. Driven by a passion for positive social change, Tara works on creating thriving, healthy communities of color. Tara subscribes to an "each one, teach one" philosophy with knowledge and skill-sharing ideology that is key to challenging systemic injustice.



Pronounced "ee-toe" and established in 2017, we believe that people & communities are the "leading experts" in their own experiences. Our founding principle, “each one teach one” is based on an African American proverb that demands “those who learn have a duty to teach others”. Guided by these philosophies we offer powerful and innovative supports & services. Peer Support Our providers are certified in substance use and mental health wellness support. We offer sliding scale/ affordable rates and specialize in supporting people who are held back by lack of insurance or long enrollment waiting periods. We can provide quick access to advocacy and support. Community Concierge Services Our concierges help remove barriers & connect people to resources, services, and opportunities. They also work with area organizations to help identify & remove these barriers. Community Concierges develop relationships and share information to encourage & foster collaborative solutions to public health and social issues in Madison and throughout Dane County. Community Mental Health Programing Lyrics & Leaders uses contemporary music to reach & empower youth. This program seeks to build skills in naming, managing and expressing emotions, recognizing and empathizing with the emotions of others, managing relationships and resolving conflicts while building community. Culturally Relevant Community Engagement We proudly host local Kwanzaa & Juneteenth Celebrations that highlight and uplift the African American community. Our Change Makers Directory creates a place for social entrepreneurs, community organizers, grassroots and other neighborhood/community workers to share information & network. Workshop & Meeting Facilitation Topic areas; Welcoming Diversity, Innovations in Peer Support, Volunteer Engagement, African American Holidays (Kwanzaa & Juneteenth) We also offer culturally competent discussion panel & townhall style meeting facilitation.

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