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Employee Handbooks - The Ease of Proactive Policymaking

Friday, October 2018
1 pm (20-Min)

Sarah Kissel

Learn how your organization can approach creating and maintaining an Employee Handbook as a proactive policymaking measure. Explore a few employment scenario and discuss how they could be approached with or without a handbook, but with Q&A around how having a handbook is beneficial.


This is a new workshop that I planned out of feedback from many small organizations with employees who struggle with the commitment of creating an employee handbook as well as clients that I serve when employment issues arise and they have no written policies or handbook. Creating an employee handbook is like eating vegetables and exercise -- they're broadly accepted as a good practice, but organizations still struggle to create or update them and are forced to create policies in uncomfortable timelines, often under much stress. I'm hopeful to diminish the blocks that nonprofit employers have to creating an employee handbook by revealing the positivity of the process and the security managers and administrators feel when equipped with policies. Additionally, when employees and employers have this framework from which to better understand their relationship, there are less crises that erupt from inaction or confusion, and when problems do arise, there's a resource to which all can refer.

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