State of the Sector Lessons Learned from 2020-2022

Mary Beth Collins

The UW-Madison Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies (the CommNS)


The world was jolted into a new reality with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The 2+ years of shifts and changes in the workplace, values, and economics has created a new reality for nonprofits and businesses. What lessons can we take from this global pandemic?

This session will summarize some key themes that have defined the nonprofit sector since the onset of COVID. It will provide some takeaways and potential action items that funders and "front lines" organizations can consider for future work.

Advancing their organizations toward having an optimal positive impact in the context of these urgent problems. Attendees will then be asked to complete a "think, pair, share" exercise. The session culminates by providing participants one step each that can be taken in the next month and a more significant effort within the year.


List of Presenters

  •    Mary Beth Collins, Executive Director / University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies

Engagement Level

Medium - Participant Sharing

Workshop Length



Strategy, Systems, and Advocacy


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