The Who, What, Why, and How of Successful Collaborations

Tara Wilhelmi

EOTO, Urban Triage, The Latino Academy of Workforce Development, Infamous Motheres, Madison Gas & Electric (MGE), Healing Our Hearts Foundation


Today, everyone expects collaboration, whether you are a for-profit, nonprofit, or cooperative. Collaborating within the workplace and with others is notable— it encourages problem-solving, increases innovation and productivity, opens new communication channels, and can grow social impact. But productive collaboration is hard. It requires building trust between the participant organization and the people.

The gateway to unique experiences, perspectives, and problem-solving works because people are better together. But the pitfalls of lousy collaboration can be hard to avoid, especially when disparities in organization size, income, and motivation are at play. This panel speaks to the highs and lows of collaboration. Working through the pain points— how do you identify "The Who, What, Why & How of Successful Collaboration?"

Revive yourself with a snack break, then join Tara Wilhelmi, Brandi Grayson, Baltazar De Anda Santana, Mario Garcia Sierra, Sagashus Levingston, and moderator, Felicia Turner-Walton at the Closing Session for Madison Nonprofit Day. 

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60 min


Community Building / Engagement / Networking


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