What is the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference?

The Madison Nonprofit Day Conference connects today's and tomorrow’s change-makers by providing an affordable, awe inspiring skills-building and networking conference for professionals. We bring together more than 600 change-makers from the Greater Madison Area and Mid-West Region to share ideas, innovations, network, and gain professional skills. It's a single-day conference hosted at the beautiful Monona Terrace & Convention Center, with some pre-conference offerings.

9 Reasons Why You Should Attend

Talking Points, Persuade Your Boss, or Yourself

Talking points to persuade your boss, why you must attend the 2015 Madison Nonprofit Day Conference. They range from how the conference can benefit you to benefits to your organization, and benefits to the world / community-at-large.


Skills-Building with Practical Application

We place a fair amount of emphasis of trying to identify and accept workshops that deliver a powerful 1-2 punch of providing usable skills, with practical applications for your work. The kind of learning that can be put into action rapidly, allowing you to learn, adapt, and grow more adept with it.


Engaging & Interactive

We tell our presenters that our audience loves to be engaged. Sure, brief lectures are acceptable, but we expect our presenters to give you time to practice, share, ask questions or otherwise engage with them and each other.


Pre-Conference Workshops

Not everything can fit in 45,60, or 75 minute blocks of time, so we've expanded our offerings to include pre-conference workshops that run 2 to 3 hours as needed. These offerings are held the day before the conference, and covered under the basic ticket cost.


Sharing and Caring

Encourage your attending staff and volunteers to share— knowledge is better retained, and more likely to put in practice when shared. Once your staff has selected all their workshops, asked their questions, and gained solutions, encourage them to give back. We've collected slide decks and resource lists from all the presenters and placed them online as resources for their and your use. It's a wonderful way to expand the knowledge of your entire organization, not just those who attended.


Replicable with Real-World Experience

Many of our speakers are professionals in their field— fundraisers, consultants, volunteer managers, accountants, technologists— who work on real projects with real organizations. They are aware of the challenges that your staff and organization may be face in their day-today work, and can provide practical examples. They may also engage other participants so that you can learn what others are doing or have done.


Networking, Networking, Networking

Why invite 500-600 nonprofit and social good professionals to an event and not give them time to meet, greet, and connect with each other? Don't worry, we've set-up a number of opportunities for you to make connections, further collaborations, find potential staff, volunteers, and maybe even new donors and funders. If you're shy, take one of our morning networking workshops.


Revitalizing & Inspiring

We have testimonials on how inspiring and revitalizing the conference has been to many individuals. Allowing them to take a step further away from potential burn-out, renewing their energy, and enthusiasm for the work they do and how they could potential do it in new ways.


Amazingly Affordable

We've sell tickets at cost or below. That's right— $75 is the price per person that covers: space rental, equipment rental; coffee, beverages, lunch, nametags, and other fees related to the conference. So that's what we charge you. We also make $5,000 worth of scholarships available, and offer discount pricing. Keeping the conference affordable, but sustainable is our goal.


Your Questions Answered

From presenters to exhibitors to our "Ask-an-Expert", the #MadisonNonprofitDay Conference provides plenty of opportunity for you to get your questions answered. So don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity. Ask! Talk! Share! Don't be shy.